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How to Become a Member of the Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is one of the largest fraternal organizations in the world. It is an affiliate of Freemasonry. Women must be related to a Master Freemason in good standing, living or deceased, by blood, marriage, or legal adoption, including step-children and half-children. The OES was conceived in 1850 by Dr. Rob Morris, a Master Mason. OES is not a religion, but all potential members must profess a belief in a Supreme Being according to their religious beliefs. The colored five pointed OES star signifies heroic women of the Bible and their virtues: Adah (fidelity), Ruth (constancy), Esther (loyalty), Martha (faith) and Electa (love). Other membership requirements are you have to be at least 18-years-old, be able to adhere to the obligations of the Order, and lack conviction of a state or federal felony. The stated purpose of the OES is to provide a fellowship of men and women of high moral and social character who desire to provide charity, truth, and loving kindness to all mankind throughout the world.




Research your family history for the presence of a Master Freemason (a man who has received the first three degrees in Freemasonry). Your male Masonic member need not have been a member of the OES. Don't just look for the "obvious" relationships via marriage or full-blood family; you can also be a half-sibling, step-sibling, daughter-in-law, niece, grand niece and sister-in-law. If you were a member of the International Order of the Rainbow or the International Order of Job's Daughters as a girl, when you reach age 18 you are eligible for OES membership.


Ask a member of your local OES Chapter for help in obtaining and completing the petition required to join the Order. All that's required on the petition is your identifying information, the Master Mason's name to which you are related, and your affirmation of a belief in a Supreme Being. Your OES sponsor member will forward your petition to the local chapter's secretary.


Talk with an investigative committee of three members, appointed by the presiding Worthy Matron. This is done to provide you with general information about the order and its purpose, to ask you some simple questions about yourself such as why you desire to become a member of the order, and to verify your masonic affiliation through a male family member. The committee will then give a report of your investigation to the Worthy Matron.


If all your information is in order, your investigatory team will report that all your requirements are favorable. Next, your petition will be read and balloted upon by the members at the next regular meeting of the chapter. If the vote is favorable, you will receive notice that you have been elected to receive the Degrees of the Order. Your initiation date will be decided upon; you will be initiated and conferred with the five degrees on a mutually agreeable date, usually within a month of your petition being approved.


The final step in becoming a member of the Order of the Eastern Star is your initiation in the the chapter. Your OES sponsor will be there to greet you when you arrive at the Masonic Temple; you will not be allowed into the chapter room until your initiation begins. At this time, you will meet the chapter's Associate Conductress who will fully prepare you for the initiation. When instructed to do so by the Worthy Matron, the Associate Conductress will escort you into the beautifully prepared chapter room, introduce you to the Conductress, and your initiation will begin. You will be required to affirm the obligation oath, and then you will hear the stories of the five Biblical women who compose the star, and be instructed in the order's secret work and other traditions.


Tips & Warnings


If you don't know an OES member but desire to join the order, connect with the Grand Secretary in the Grand Chapter of your state


In regular meetings of an OES Chapter, only members in good standing may attend; no visitors are allowed to attend because part of the meeting ritual involves the secret work of the order. However, the chapter often hosts open meetings, special events and dinners for the public to get to know the order; no secret work is revealed in these public meetings.


The OES is not a true "secret society." Its rituals are printed and can be found on the Internet and numerous books. However, the signs and passes of each degree and the "grip" (handshake) are known only to members of the order so that they might identify themselves among strangers. All OES members take a solemn spoken vow never to reveal these secret works of the order. Revealing these works to non-members is grounds of expulsion from the order.


Beware of misinformation you will encounter on the Internet about the OES and Freemasonry; neither of these two fraternal organizations are cults, religions, Satan worshipers, or seek to establish a New World Order. To find the truth about the OES, ask a member! The Masons have a slogan of "2B1, ask 1." The OES is a philanthropic fraternity centered around our community, our country, our families, and our faith. All information to the contrary is false.


The secret work of the OES is based upon the centuries-old secrecy tradition of the Freemasons during historic times when they were persecuted by various world leaders, like Adolph Hitler, who believed them to be a political and/or religious threat. The OES followed their tradition of the secret work of the order.